Whole Foods Grocery Haul

Hey guys!

Just poppin’ in to share my whole foods grocery haul from this past week. You guys get to also check out our messy apartment that we moved into a couple weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll finish putting up decorations. But- let’s be real- we be too busy being bosses w/ our lives right now. (We being my husband, Kevin, and myself) Alright, onto the goods.

Check it…

Whole Foods Grocery Haul

 A lot of what we buy from Whole Foods is fresh produce and some meats (we get most of our meat from an organic company called Steve’s Paleo Goods). But here are some of the products/ packaged things we bought, most of which are staples in our house:

The Supplements We Take

I definitely want to do a video on the supplements I take, just to talk about why I take them/ how often/ safety/ quality of products and all that. It really depends on our goals at the time. Like, when I was first weight lifting and trying to build a bunch of muscle, I was eating way more protein and taking a lot of pre-workout/post-workout supplements to help with that muscle growth.

My Belly and Sleep

Right now all our supplements are focused on healing the gut. Both Kevin and I are trying to repair our bellies to help us improve our digestion and sleep. It’s kind of become a theme in our house as of late- we both have terrible digestion AND sleep. I am pretty sure I’m intolerant to gluten and Kevin is to gluten and dairy. He may have sleep apnea and I have insomnia- we just make the BEST pair. 🙂

The supplements we bought will help us with our workouts/performance, but we are also trying to take things that will help us repair our gut microbiota and improve our digestion. This also means we are eating differently, but I’ll get into that next week.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend- I’ll be busy lifting weight, doing some school work, and getting ready for one of my best friends to come into town on Sunday! Follow me on social media to keep up with my amazingly boring life 😉 :



Perfection is the Enemy of Done

I recently read Brene Brown’s book DARING GREATLY. In it, she said something that spoke to me louder than anything ever has- Perfection is the enemy of done. Those words struck a chord in my SOUL and, in that moment, I realized something about myself and my life.

I’m the kind of person who just wants to get things done. And then I have this other side to me that is never satisfied with the person I am or work I’ve accomplished. I’m hard on myself and a classic Type-A perfectionist, and yet I have this need to just get something done or just start something even if I don’t feel like I’m ‘perfect’ or ‘ready’ enough to begin.

I have spent my life in this perpetual cycle of:

But, perfection is the enemy of done.

Oddly enough, I’ve always known these words to be true, without ever really hearing them out loud or seeing them in writing. If I look back on my life so far, I see major milestone moments where I’ve just said “whatever, let’s do this” and my life has changed forever. I’ve grown because of these moments and experiences. I’ve accomplished goals, made my life better, and improved upon myself all because, in a single moment an opportunity to dare greatly presented itself, I didn’t care about if the timing was perfect or if I was perfectly ready. I just jumped.


I’m sure you can relate, even if you don’t think so at first. I think all of us tend to believe we are too scared to take risks and get things done in our lives. Going back to school, moving to a new town, starting a new business- these things require big risk and it’s often easy to put off going for it for fear that we “aren’t ready”. And what happens? We hold back or remain complacent in our life.


But then, think about those times in your life when God was like “hey, I’m going to drop this amazingly scary and BIG thing in your lap because I know you’ve got this, even if you don’t believe it’s the ‘perfect situation’”.  And, despite all that self doubt and fear, the funniest thing is that you DO. Despite the imperfect circumstances, you buckle up and end up ready.

Our going away party in 2015

I can totally relate to this kind of thing. I have my plan laid out. Get my masters at the same school I got my bachelor’s at because it was the safe, sure thing to do. Kevin would work in Orange County with his company and we would live happily ever after. But, despite how this plan seemed to fit on paper, I think I always knew deep down it wasn’t right. It didn’t fit.


So, when Kevin got the job offer to move to San Francisco, our lives were thrown for a loop. We had made up a plan that was supposed to ‘work out perfectly’. Then God was like “uhhh yeah, guys? That’s not happening. I’m actually going to send you up to Northern California to follow your dreams. And, you know what? Things are going to work out WAY better than if you stay in Orange County.” And it did! Kevin has grown with his company, I’ve had opportunities at SFSU that I NEVER DREAMED I’d have, and our lives moved forward- without things being perfect, we got s*** done.


I think it’s important to remember that things will never be perfect and you will never be perfectly ready. The best advice I can give you is to just take every opportunity that comes your way- if you’re scared and feel unqualified, GOOD! That means what you’re doing is worth it. Who cares if you mess up along the way?! You’ll get there, I promise, and will grow with every experience. Despite the imperfection, you will get things done.


  • Have you had a similar experience? One where you didn’t feel ready and God still placed a BIG thing in your lap? Did you end up for the better?

❤ Kay

The 5 Health Apps I Love To Use

Gosh I tell ya, I’m a social media junkie. It’s hard not to be, though- with my phone always at my finger tips and cute puppy memes awaiting my laughter.


But, although phones can be distracting us constantly, there is a lot of good that can come from phones and technology. Today I thought I’d share my favorite Healthy-Living Apps! These are great resources if you don’t have access to a gym or need a little guidance with your diet/ exercise routine.

myfitnesspal-logoMy Fitness Pal: The ultimate food tracker- this app stores almost ANY food item you can imagine. This makes it super easy to log your food. I’m a sucker for tracking things, and I know not everyone is. But, I feel like tracking your food- even if for just a couple days a week- can help give you better insight into what you’re ACTUALLY eating. That way, if you don’t see results on the scale, you have answers and you know that it may not be the best idea to eat 4 brownies every night for dinner. 🙂 If you use MFP or want to use it, follow me! @fitkaylie

download-1Nike Training App: This is an app I’ve used for AWHILE now. It has a HUGE database of workouts- both ones you can do at home without any equipment OR in the gym- and they are all guided with videos so you can learn how to do each exercise properly. Plus, it’s free! Always a plus in my book.

lifesum_best_apps_screensLifesum: This app is similar to MyFitnessPal in that you track your food based upon what your goals are- but it’s a bit more guided. You can use the free version and get a cookie-cutter meal plan, or pay a few $$ for a more guided approach. Right now, I’m doing a ketogenic diet. I was able to take a quiz where the app asked me about my goals and dietary preferences. It actually guessed that a keto diet would work best for me AND provided me with recipes to guide me along in the process.

downloadSworkit: Another great guided-workout-routine-based app. I really like this one because the workouts are focused to specific body parts. For example, if you want to work on your booty- they have a workout routine for that! Plus the timer and rep counts provided during each workout are really easy to read!

endomondo-100335630-origEndomondo: Another oldie-but-goodie in my book. I used to run a lot more- now I mostly weight lift- and, when I did, I loved using this app to track by distance and pace! It uses your phone’s GPS so you can track your walk or run route. It’s also free, but if you want a couch to 5K or half marathon training program, you can also pay a few extra $$ for a full-blown plan.

I hope this helps you on your fitness journey!


What is your favorite health/ fitness app?

❤ Kay